Graven brings ‘Garden Square’ proposal to Kirkwall

In collaboration with Landscape Architects, Raeburn Farquhar Bowen, Graven’s walled garden proposal is for a site in Kirkwall. Currently a car park, the place is known locally as “Garden’s”, after one of the previous businesses, R Garden. This could be Graven’s second garden…the other one is at Hotel Lepic in Abidjan!

It is currently an inauspicious space, open to Bridge Street on the East side and defined by buildings on the other three sides. The ground is finished in rough concrete.

“The design proposal is to insert a fully enclosed walled garden set within the existing space. Through this approach we create discrete “lanes” around the perimeter accessing the destinations in the former warehouses. The south and west edges of the “garden wall” incorporate “kiosks” that will provide opportunities for complimentary retail/food & beverage businesses.” – Ross Hunter, Graven Director.

Graven is best known for interior design and branding but this is slightly different territory, using the same skills and tools to design spaces where people will want to spend time.

It’s a circular and modest approach that meets all of Graven’s ambitions to deliver sustainable solutions that are commercially robust as well as being good for the planet.

You can find out more about Garden Square in Kirkwall here: