two Clydesdales grooming

Riders on the Storm

Few of us will look back on 2020 with much warmth.

When the studio headed homewards in March, Macs tucked under our arms, the future was uncertain and unknowable.

Thankfully, Team Graven has endured and done a power of work in the virtual studio.

Amazingly, we’ll look back on this year’s projects as some of our best work.

We’ve been reinventing RETAIL, from shopping-centres to flagship stores. We’ve been in our familiar territory of HOSPITALITY designing a gorgeous new hotel and one of Glasgow’s best seafood RESTAURANTS. We’ve also being playing with GOLF. And SALT. And WHISKY. We’ve even given the Internet of Things a new WORKPLACE.  And evolved strategies around Advanced Manufacturing and Onshoring.

Our FUTURE focus is fixed on the opportunities unfolding before us. Using our skills to understand how people will SHOP, EAT, TRAVEL and WORK in the future we’re designing the strategies, operational environments and communications that will deliver change in the real world.

We’ve had lots of conversations that challenge the orthodoxy and chart the direction for our industries and communities—so that our city and our country can benefit.

Working with Spreng Thomson we’ve invented, refined and implemented Scotland’s Creative Economy Strategy and we’ve got big plans to play on an increasingly international stage.

And on the second last day of the year Janice’s feature length documentary, Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse, will be premiered in the UK on BBC Scotland and iPlayer.

Thank you so much for being our clients, colleagues and friends. Teamwork and collaboration is what we do and it’s never been more important than now.

2020 hasn’t beaten us. While we’re ready for a bloody good rest, we’re seriously excited about the opportunities that 2021 will bring.

We hope to see you in 2021 and wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

Pic by Ross Hunter. Snowy and Musky grooming each other last Spring, both just less than a year old at the time.