First edition of Graven fabrics, products and experiments

Graven launch their first edition of Graven fabrics, products and experiments

The first edition of Graven fabrics, products and experiments will be displayed in an exhibition called ‘Better Out Than In’ at Graven’s Pavement Gallery from 3 December 2015.

This marks the third in a series of pop-up exhibitions at the gallery, which launched last year. The Pavement Gallery hosts exhibitions in the floor-to-ceiling windows of Graven’s design studio at the former Herald Building.

Graven was created by an architect and a graphic designer in 1986. For almost thirty years Janice Kirkpatrick and Ross Hunter have led the studio that continues to plough its multi-disciplinary furrow, creating visual brands and interiors for business clients worldwide, from Accra to Copenhagen and from San Francisco to Singapore.

Graven has always created original furniture, fabrics, print, carpets, lighting, wall coverings and decorative products for clients ensuring that a Graven project is always bespoke. While the studio always intended to create its own range of furnishing products the day-to-day running of a successful studio conspired to put the product project on the back-burner, until now.

Commenting on the work, Creative Director Janice Kirkpatrick said “Developing our own original ranges of contract furnishings and products will help our clients compete at the leading-edge by ensuring their spaces look and feel unique. It’s also great for us as we enjoy designing new work and collaborating with brilliant local and national manufacturers to produce gorgeous products.”

“It may have taken us a while to get our products out there, but we do feel better for it.” She added.

This first edition of fabrics, products and experiments will be followed by subsequent editions available through Graven’s web shop in 2016, to coincide with the studio’s 30th anniversary.

The first edition of Graven fabrics, products and experiments, includes ten patterns available in a variety of colourways, fabrics, wall coverings, cushions and cards.


Some timelapse videos: