Graven featured in Best Of British A-Z by Houseology

Throughout the month of February, Houseology are exploring and profiling their favourite interior designers from across the UK.

It’s great to see Graven featured on this innovative and unique list covering the first seven designers of the A-Z series. Our work combines product, interior and brand design but our passion for rare breeds brings creativity to the ‘British Heirlooms’ collection designed by Graven Creative Director, Janice Kirkpatrick, and graphic designer Bruce Maggs exclusively for Houseology.

With a range of skills from drawing and painting to digital printing and state-of-the-art immersive 3D visualisation, the talented team at Graven have created patterns incorporating iconic British cattle, horses, sheep and hounds. Graven delivers its projects to the highest degree, including the creation of bespoke furnishings, textiles and floor & wall coverings.

You can read the full Best of British A-Z: Part One by Houseology here.