janice and horse

Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse

“I’ve always viewed animals as individuals — as collaborators with superpowers who would help me sense things, run faster, jump higher and go further than I could on my own…”

Thousands of Clydesdales horses once roamed the Clyde Valley near Glasgow. Today, they’re all but gone. Passionate about saving the Scottish herd, Graven Director, Janice Kirkpatrick, travels to the heart of the Canadian Prairies where one family has preserved the ancient Clydesdale bloodlines for five generations. Join Janice as she embarks on an unprecedented two-year quest that will alter her life and change the destiny of an entire breed.

Watch the full trailer for ‘Clydesdale: Saving The Greatest Horse’ here.

Also, you can watch exclusive clips of the upcoming documentary here.