A message from the Graven studio

Our team at Graven hugely appreciates the continued support of our wonderful clients, partners and friends, and the new opportunities that they bring to us.

While we are accustomed to working virtually with clients around world, designing exclusively in a virtual studio has been challenging and has stretched the boundaries of existing technology and connectivity. Design is a studio-based team activity and it is tough not being able to spontaneous converse – so we are really looking forward to being back in our physical studio in Glasgow City Innovation District.

We believe that nothing in life is wasted, and we have used experiences gained over the last three months to rethink work and how value is created for our clients and within our community, including by working closely with Glasgow Economic Recovery Group, Economic Leadership Board and with our design and industry colleagues worldwide.

We are fortunate to work in Glasgow—the worlds original creative capital. Design was invented in Glasgow in the 1750s to commodify the scientific and technological innovations of the First Industrial Revolution and it has been a driving force, and a force for civilisation, since that time. It was no accident that Churchill founded the UK Design Council in November 1944, on the eve of peace, in order to have people with appropriate skillsets who could rebuild Britains industries and communities. Design was created to find solutions to the kinds of challenges that we face today, including COVID-19, Climate Emergency, Brexit and the need to give young people a hopeful future.

Right now we are using our 35+ years experience of working across many industry sectors, in over 40 countries, to find new ways to work, live and rebuild our economy so that it is sustainable and resilient to future shocks. We are also supporting clients to plan and prepare for a safe return to their workplaces, so please get in touch if you require support. The future shape of work and workplaces is changing and the consensus is that physical workplaces must deliver additional value, and more rewarding experiences, than those delivered by homeworking. Sustainability, resilience, flexibility, sociability, connectivity, wellbeing and high-quality are characteristics we know to be important in Workplace v4.0.

We wish you a safe return to society and we look forward to welcoming you back to our studio in the near future.